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Self-Sufficiency & Sustainability Imperative  & Tenant Farmer Program
Soil Not Dirt is Cool Approval's Tenant Farmer Self-Sufficiency & Sustainability Mandate and Program; which is the practical application component of Soil Not Dirt tenant farmer's Earn While You Learn educational apparatus, where we teach you how to become a mini (tenant) farmer, which allows you to become more self-sufficient- which leads to less financial stress and more Resilience Through Redundancy. 

Storing & Preservation System
Granaries and Depots

A market for growers and buyers, and securitized products.

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* In regards to eradicating homelessness as well as hunger; I've noticed that all these programs have an underlying foundation (if you will) of socialism. They all are based on some type of socialist apparatus, with an insidious socialist agenda; and that's exactly why it won't work.

The reason being, there are some people who are homeless out of choice, i.e. Their own inability to change their situation.

I cannot help someone if they won't help themselves.

How do you help a person who won't even pick up a book and read; especially a book that's recommended that would change their lives?

How do you help a person that won't even watch a video, are subscribe to a YouTube channel that will change their lives?

Therein lies the dilemma. Therefore, based on my research and findings, I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that only Capitalism can end homelessness and hunger; and unfortunately, a lot of people will get left behind simply because- they have chosen to settle for a life of mediocrity for one reason or another.
And that my fellow citizens and netizens are the unfortunate and sobering truth.

As the great Earl Nightingale has said many times:

"I strong person cannot make a weak person strong, but a weak person can become stronger by learning and practicing the capabilities that will allow them to solve the problems that will make them stronger."
------ Earl Nightingale
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Never Stop Learning.

Earn While You Learn. Grow While You Prosper. Share To Show You Care.™
Not Education; Transformation.